Fashion's Night Out Festivities


1. Ran home from work, threw on my favorite go-to party outfit (romper: Catherine Malandrino), added big red hat and boots, yes, for walking; ran out the door.

2. Meandered my way past the soirees and deals at Kate Spade and Michael Kors, popped into Steve Madden cuz you know, in the end, it's all about shoes; caught the last 3.74678 minutes of the fall fashion show at Neiman Marcus, met some awesome fashion design students in GREAT outfits along with some of the beautifully stylish ladies of the Arizona Costume Institute (chatted; shook hands; I gushed inside over how truly chic and truly nice they were).

3. Got lost searching for the new Bilby & Moss location at Fashion Square until the music, drinks, hot models and the lovely face of Lauren Phingstag indicated stop: You.Are.Here.

4. Chatting, laughing, shopping and more gushing ensued (at the happening-est place in Fashion Square - seriously, I may or may not have seen security asking someone to tone it down).

The DJ tearin' it up at Steve Madden
YAY for Fall
Above two photos are of the super cool fashion design students I met last night. How cute are all of they?!
Some of the sweet and awesome ladies of the Arizona Costume Institute (far right: Celine of The Wardrobe Diaries)
Yes, HAIRSPRAY was happening at Neiman's
How chic is she?! The florals on that dress are so pretty and her shoes were like a soft tweed - I applaud her style
The above photo is of Christy Burson and Molly Laurey of Christy Burson Jewelry. I approached them for their great, casual style, but their jewelry is chic too! Christy employs  organic forms and architectural elements - see the info on their Facebook page - to handcraft clean, high-fashion jewelry (sold at Bilby & Moss).

We both wore hats, unintentionally, as like-minded great thinkers do:)

Remember "aspiring model Candace Roberts?" (far right). Lookin' hot! Check out her nails below:

 OOOh the night was fun, even if I wasn't in my favorite city. But again, everyone was so much fun to chizill with, and I'm excited for October...



Oh to Be a Muse said...

Looks like a lot of fun at Bilby and Moss. i just got some new steve maddens too -- because it is all about the shoes. :)

Heroine Chic said...

It really is, right?! Hope you had a good FNO too:)

Celine said...

Hi! It was so nice to meet you at FNO. Thanks for the love! I've started a sidebar of links on my blog to other AZ Bloggers. I thought it would be a great idea for us to all link to each other and support all our local peeps :)

Heroine Chic said...

Sounds good! I would appreciate that so much, and no problem, I'll add yours:) Thanks Celine!

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