Arizona's Dapper-est Come Together


I'm writing from the haven of my dark cold bed with a horrendous head cold and a whopping gallon of orange juice. Tis the season for braving the ins and outs of hot rooms and chilly winds, back and forth and back till the germs get tired of feeling confused and eventually perch in the crevices of our heads and nasal passages, living off our lack of sleep and eating away our sanity.

Ok, I can't complain THAT much, especially being that tis also the season for giving/getting/sales and les soirĂ©es. Last Wednesday afternoon, of course, was just such an affair. The Arizona Costume Institute put on their annual holiday luncheon at the Phoenix Art Museum, complete with the snazziest of ladies, peppermint mousse, and an incredible lecture from Lisa Immordino Vreeland of Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel.

I had the pleasure of attending the luncheon and going a little nuts with my camera. I actually wish I had taken more pictures, because the sartorial eye candy was quite pleasing.

Dennita Sewell lookin' fabulous in a Vivienne Westwood jacket

I was so excited to be able to speak with Martin Price again. Price, who teaches at Parson's, was a longtime design assistant and partner to Giorgio di Sant' Angelo. He flew in last week to speak about the designer at the luncheon. What a nice, dapper man! I remember at his lecture last fall he wore white from head to toe, and it struck me immediately. Thank you Martin for flying in last week!:)

I know this post is getting a little lengthy, but here are a few remaining images of my favs:

I'm excited for the year of 2012, when life is less busy and I have time to devote to the Arizona Costume Institute and their events. It is a wonderful, educational organization here in the Valley and perfect for anyone who loves history and fashion or just fashion itself. Come with me and join!

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