*originally I had opted to show you Halloweentown in its full and glorious VHS quality, but it was painful to my HD-spoiled eyes, so we're celebrating white eye shadow of the last century with this, though I'm not sure it's any less painful 

was 4'7" and I was Michael Jackson. I had perfected the leg-lift in conjunction with the quick hand to the north complimented by the obligatory "ee-hee!" and put powdery white eye shadow (a thing at that time) all over my face. Single glove on hand, feet in white socks, black slip-ons - honestly I don't remember the actual costume - and adjunct to my comrade The Headless Horseman, it was Halloween and you know the rest. I tried to do the skanky thang a few years now but as it doesn't work in my fashion life, it certainly doesn't work in my costume life. Fasten upon me a cat tail, mask and a bow tie from the $1 store (fully clothed) plop in original Disney movie Halloweentown, and it is almost Halloween (you know the rest): I take this opportunity to wear orange and black and not feel all Halloween-ish...because it is All Hallow's Eve...get me?

Wearing a gorgeously comfortable Kensie coat courtesy of GigaSavvy (found here) with an old Catherine Malandrino romper (worn at this old time). 

I had to share this because I don't understand the face that I am making. Also I was not cold. It was 80 degrees. 
Here, my dad wanted to be artsy so he told me to look to the side. 
Betsey Johnson tights, Matiko wedges, Jean Paul Gaultier shades; Melie Bianco bag from Just Jane
Side note: although it was 80 degrees, long live this coat. I am serious. It is well-fitting, not too warm for Arizona weather, and I'm fully embracing orange till I decide it's ugly again (won't be for awhile). I plan on popping on this peacoat to add a spice of orange slice to all my wintry outfits. Last year's red=this year's tangerine, and not because Pantone told everyone so. 


aki! said...

I like this coat too. It looks super dressy in your first photo but pretty casual in your last. Anything that's versatile like that gets an A+ in my book!

Bike Pretty said...

Orange looks really good on you.
Own it.

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