Taking a Breather


Sometimes I come on here and I'm clueless about what to write. You see me floating off on clouds of alliteration and  hyperbole and all those vocab words of an English major soon-to-be-alumni and then where are you? In some kind of manipulated space hole blindingly connected to fashion. Today I'm taking you a different route, however; one not as exciting as vintage silk nightgowns as daywear and a designer influenced by the whimsical and weird. Today I need to announce that I'll be taking a break from the blog for about a month. There are too many things outside of my control that deserve my time and attention at this moment. On the back burner to be hot and ready when I return? Another designer interview (you know I'm a sucker for them), some Versace favorites from Etsy and who knows what else I've got up my (embroidered lace) sleeve.

Till then, stay safe out in Halloweenland. My prayers are sent to you all on the East Coast and in Jersey and New York City; may you experience a speedy recovery.

I leave you with this:
via NightTap


NadiaThinks said...

this is such a great post. I think a lot of us are feeling blogger/life/work/school fatigue lately and sometimes it's okay to just acknowledge it and be ready for the holidays/new year to inject some more excitement back into the game. don't worry; your readers will be here waiting! :)

Emmy said...

Hey Hannah! We all need to take a break once in awhile:) And TY for taking the time to comment on my post.

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