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Domestic Peptide Raw Materials??spring coming, Amino-group protective agent??s demand improving

News Source:http://www.chicheroine.com/ ; SendDate:2019-8-8 11:14:36 
      Generic Peptides is a kind of medicines which has a fast growth of market, at present, there are more than 100 Peptide products were permitted be on the market all over the world, in recent years, the market of Generic Peptides?? growth has arrived beyond 12%, which is higher than the whole medicine market, It is anticipated that by 2018, the Generic Peptides around the world will reach $25.4 billion, and among this amount, creative Generic Peptides take about $17 billion. The development of Generic Peptides mainly showed on its production technology and Large-scale preparation technology.
      For a long time, the wide gap between China and foreign countries has been a unavoidable pain for Chinese Generic Peptides companies. The level of creative medicine, production structure and new formulas in domestic companies are far away from foreign companies?? level. But for Peptide Raw Materials, there are several domestic companies have a high level, which use self-produced Peptide Raw Material to develop to downstream Generic Peptides has been becoming a trend for domestic companies. With the expiration of patents for many heavy Generic Peptides, domestic Pharmaceutical generics of Generic Peptides facing a lot of chances. And then, Pharmaceutical generics of Generic Peptides moves the growth of upstream raw Materials, and also moves the growth of Amino Acids and Amino acid protectant, and many domestic related products are benefited from this.
      Nanjing Shunxiang Medical Technology Co Ltd, as a research and development production company who takes Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate??Di-Boc??CAS No.24424-99-5??as its core products. To ensure that it can provide high-quality products to every production enterprise on time and in quantity under the situation of rapid growth of market demand, it took establishing new production cooperative factories as its strategy at the end of 2016, and make up and expand its production capacity. With this strategy, the production capacity can reach 1700 tons per year, which has rapidly developed to be Chinese largest Di-Boc producer.
      As a professional enterprise which has the history of Di-Boc production almost 20 years, Nanjing Shunxiang always pays attention to the renewal of production equipment and the optimization of production thchnique. At present, all the products of Di-Boc produced by Shunxiang have been high-purity medical quality, with the main content of more than 99.5%. The color of the products is clear and transparent, with characteristic of high stability and hard to decompose when it??s heating. And welcome all friends contact us by TEL:025-86819868, and E-mail??sales@jinchemical.com.
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