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During National Day, Jiangsu auxiliary services entered trial operation and eight energy storage power stations participated in start-up, shutdown and peak regulation.

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    According to the Jiangsu Provincial Energy Regulatory Office, during the eleventh period of this year, Jiangsu Province launched the first trial operation of the peak-load market of power start-up and interruption. Among them, there are 42 market-oriented peak-shaving cycles for gas-fired units, with a total capacity of 17.2 million kilowatts, providing a maximum peak capacity of nearly 6 million kilowatts per day; 3 market-oriented peak-shaving cycles for coal-fired units, with a total capacity of 113 million kilowatts; 8 grid-side energy storage power stations participate in peak-shaving market, giving full play to the role of peak-shaving and valley filling.

    At the same time, Jiangsu continues to make good use of the deep peak shaving market, which calls 28 thermal power units to participate in the deep peak shaving in the low valley, and provides an additional 1837,000 kilowatts of negative reserve power grid. Deep peak-shaving and the opening of peak-shaving market provide strong support for alleviating the difficulties of peak-shaving in festivals and increasing new energy consumption.

    On September 30, the Jiangsu Energy Regulatory Office, together with the Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission (energy bureau), issued the Supplementary Rules for Starting and Stopping Trading of Jiangsu Electricity Auxiliary Services (Peak Shaving) Market, formally declaring that the Jiangsu Peak Shaving Market has entered a trial operation stage since October 1.

    As a supplementary clause of Jiangsu Electricity Auxiliary Services (Peak-shaving) Market Transaction Rules, the Start-and-Stop Rules covers 20 trading rules such as Start-up Peak-shaving, Stop-Shaking, Charge-discharge Peak-shaking, and specifies specific measures for energy storage to participate in the auxiliary services market.

    Jiangsu stipulates that the maximum price of gas-fired units is 600 yuan/MW and that of coal-fired units is 3000 yuan/MW during the start-up and shutdown peak-shaving market trial operation.

    In addition, in order to further improve the compensation mechanism of Jiangsu electric power auxiliary service and promote the optimal allocation of peak shaving resources, it was decided that the maximum price of load section under 40% in the deep peak shaving market should be raised to 1000 yuan/MWh from October 1, 2019, compared with the previous maximum price of 600 yuan/MWh.

    In terms of price settlement for peak load regulation, coal-fired and gas-fired units are settled at declared prices. Energy storage power stations and integrated energy service providers shall calculate the maximum price per unit of electricity (PM) according to the K2*PM standard, but not less than the charge-discharge loss, referring to the peak value of start-up, shutdown and regulation that won the bid before. The K2 value of compensation standard is determined by Jiangsu Energy Regulatory Office in conjunction with the Provincial Development and Reform Commission (Energy Bureau) and issued by the dispatching agency.

    According to the Start-Stop Rules, all kinds of grid-side, power-side, user-side energy storage facilities and integrated energy service providers can participate in the start-stop peak-shaving market. The admittance threshold of energy storage power station is charging/discharging power over 20 MW and lasts more than 2 hours. Integrated energy service providers can collect energy storage power stations, and the admittance threshold is charging/discharging power over 20 MW and lasts more than 2 hours.

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